Does Dr. Dotto take insurance?

The short answer is "No." However, Dr. Dotto does accept HSA, Flex Benefits, and is more than happy to create a "superbill" for you, which may be submitted to your health insurance for possible retroactive reimbursement. 

Dr. Dotto chooses to structure her business in this way in order to keep her prices affordable for the patients. When all is said and done, the traditional mainstream insurance system often charges the patient more, dictates what types of treatments they are allowed to experience, and wastes their precious healing time with authorization protocols. In order to compensate for hiring a full time insurance billing processor, other clinics that do accept traditional insurance, often charge double to triple the amount Dr. Dotto charges for the same services. More often than not in the past, patients have been charged more by insurance companies than if their payment was submitted directly in cash, credit, check etc. By paying cash directly, Dr. Dotto is seeking the most affordable and effective way to bring health back into your life with the freedom to choose individualized and cutting edge healing techniques. 


Do you have an HSA card? If so you can use your HSA card for payment for chiropractic exams, chiropractic adjustments, nutritional appointments, and in many cases recommended supplements.  Find out if a reciept or superbill is needed and we will send you one.  


If you want to submit to your insurance you may call them ahead of time and see if you can prepay for visits and find out the steps to reimbursement to YOU.

There is usually a process to follow for submission to insurance.  Find all the forms needed and see how they want  you to send those forms,  Fax? email? mail?  Every isurance company is different.  

What forms of Payment Does Wild Willow Natural Medicine Accept?

Cash, Major Credit Cards, Local Checks made out to Wild Willow Natural Medicine, LLC