Meet Dr. Dotto, Nutrition Counselor & Chiropractor

Doctor Jennifer Dotto, DC CCSP

Dr. Jennifer Dotto's healing arts career began in Wisconsin in 1997. She studied Massage Therapy at Lake Country School of Massage in Delafield, WI and became a licensed, practicing Massage Therapist in the Lake Country region of Waukesha County.  In 2004, she earned her Doctorate in Chiropractic, including a B.S. in Human Anatomy, from Northwestern College of Health Sciences in Bloomington, Minnesota. 

She opened & operated her own successful Twin Cities Chiropractic clinic in Minneapolis for 6 years where she offered holistic nutrition therapy & chiropractic services. After deciding to move home to Wisconsin, from the Twin Cities to raise a family, Dr. Dotto continued to work as a chiropractic associate for 6 years at Shorewood Family Chiropractic in Shorewood, WI.

Dr. Dotto actively expands her knowledge in healing modalities that assist her patients in total healing. Some examples of her ongoing areas of specialized training include: 

  • CCSP-Certification as a Chiropractic Sports Physician. 
  • 100hr Applied Kinesiology Certification
  • Advanced Training in Nutrition Response Testing. 
  • Wisconsin Certified in Nutrition Counseling. 
  • Training in Functional Medicine & Clinical Nutrition. 
  • Background in Sports Massage and trained in Reiki 1 & 2.

Dr. Dotto's comprehensive knowledge in holistic body wellness includes creating a designed clinical nutrition plan for each individual client. Her indepth training in chiropractic, nutrition, applied kinesiology, massage, energetic medicine, coupled with clinical lab work focuses on the specific and holistic needs of each of her patients. 

Dr. Dotto herself is a wife and mother and provides health support for members of her family who are undergoing treatments for various autoimmune dysfunctions, nutritional imbalances, and difficult to treat conditions such as tick-borne illnesses like Lyme Disease.  

She understands the emotional toll chronic conditions take on the whole family and caregivers. She provides her patients with concrete clinical expertise and a deep sense of compassion. Her techniques allow the patient to relax into finding the root causes of the pain or discomfort in the body, while designing an individualized health plan that can be integrated into your lifestyle on a new path towards hope & healin

"I help others create a space where healing can take place in their lives. I create a place where positive change can help heal the body through lifestyle, holistic eating, and with the health plan I create for each of my patients. 

I look for the root cause of disease blocking the body’s innate ability to heal.  I help the body heal itself be empowering the patient to take control of their disease and create resilience in their body.  

Let me help guide you through the healing journey.  I have been through the woods of disease, I have a path to help you walk through." -Dr. Jennifer Dotto

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